Prosthesis and
oral rehabilitación


A prosthesis is the substitution of a part of the human body by means of an artifice.
Prosthodontics or dental prosthesis, is the specialty responsible for recovering function, esthetics, health and oral harmony by restoring natural teeth and / or replacing teeth.

Losses, absences and excessive dental wear produce a significant deterioration of chewing ability leading to an overload on the remaining teeth and the masticatory muscles, affecting the mandibular joints. The deterioration not only affects function but also the esthetics of the smile and increases the facial signs of old age.
Oral rehabilitation allows the recovery of masticatory function, phonetic function, esthetic appearance and harmony between teeth, muscles and joints.

Advances in dental materials and adhesion techniques combined with the prosthesis of classic crowns, bridges, and implants, allow the restoration of lost teeth and dental structures, sometimes in a minimally invasive way, providing BIOLOGICAL, functional, and esthetically optimal restorations whether the case be simple or complex.
The prosthodontist is the stomach or orthodontic specialist in dental prosthesis treatments, among which are the smile design, crowns and bridges, porcelain laminates, implant restorations, incrustations, etc …

In a multidisciplinary case, he will be in charge of designing and directing the treatment plan, coordinating the different specialists and the prosthetics who will intervene to achieve a functional, esthetic and stable rehabilitation over time.

Do not confuse the Prosthodontist with the dental technician, who is the technician who, in the laboratory, will make the prostheses prescribed by the dentist. It is the prosthodontist who should plan, prescribe in detail, make the preparations in the mouth, provide the models, control them , install and adjust them and will be responsible for their proper function and maintenance, during the time they remain in use.

Prótesis y rehabilitación oral Bonanova
Clinical case nº 1
Clinical case nº 2
Clinical case nº3

Patient presenting a poor reconstruction in the right central incisor, crowding, and old deteriorated filling in the left central incisor. An initial orthodontic examination is proposed and accepted, followed by tooth whitening, followed by the placement of a ceramic crown on the right central incisor and a composite laminate on the left central incisor.


Prosthetic reconstruction of worn down teeth, using two ceramic laminates on the right lateral and central teeth and totally ceramic crown on the left central incisor.


Patient who does not like his smile. It has an old ceramic laminate in the right center and reconstructions with composite in the left center.
To improve the esthetic appearance of the anterior front we propose and the patient accepts: Pre-orthodontics to align margins and teeth whitening, then prepare and place two ceramic laminates in both central incisors.

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