Snoring and
Sleep apnea


Bonadex Dentists, together with the Dr.Estivill Sleep Clinic, formed the Snoring Unit. A unit specialized in detecting apneas during sleep and correcting them by means of an intraoral device.

Snoring is an annoying noise for the listener and can be harmful to the health of the sufferer.

Snoring can be accompanied by apneas. Apnea is defined as a temporary interruption of breathing lasting more than ten seconds. In this case hypertension may occur, and in the long term, a heart attack.

During sleep the muscles responsible for keeping the airway permeable suffer a relaxation. The passage of air at the level of the pharynx is impeded. As a result the soft tissues vibrate producing snoring. In many cases a lack of air flow causes a fall in the oxygen levels in the blood. The brain is alerted by this descent, causing numerous sleep interruptions throughout the night.

This deficiency of oxygen generates a series of symptoms such as hypersomnolence, generalized fatigue, depression, irritability, etc …

One of the most common causes of snoring is the anomalies of the upper and lower jaw. Currently there is a very effective treatment to make snoring disappear due to this cause called OrthoApnea.


OrthoApnea is a novel patented intraoral device that is especially indicated in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea syndrome.

What are the characteristics of OrthoApnea:

-Comfortable and easy to use.
-It is made to measure for each patient with an ergonomic and comfortable design.
– Its manufacture is based on biocompatible materials (titanium, thermoplastics).
-It can be easily regulated.
-It allows movements of the mouth and functions such as talking, drinking, coughing, without many limitations.
-Produces proper breathing by completely eliminating snoring.
-It is indicated for the treatment of snoring and those obstructive sleep disorders such as apnea.

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